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  • ATech Brisbane Cloud Hosting Data Centre
    ATech expands data centre capacity tenfold

    ATech has just expanded its server capacity tenfold at iseek Communications' state-of-the-art data centre located at Export Park, Brisbane.

    ATech has also upgraded the port speed to 100mbps and now offers VFlash to accelerate virtual machine performance.

  • Heartbleed Security
    Heartbleed: This Decade's Biggest Security Vulnerability

    A serious security vulnerability nicknamed "Heartbleed" was identified yesterday. Chances are high that if you are running a website with some form of SSL encryption your website could be affected by the Heartbleed bug. The flaw is contained in some versions of OpenSSL which is the cryptographic library used by most secure websites to encrypt sensitive communications. 

  • Click Frenzy Cloud hosting ecommerce
    Click Frenzy – Australia's mega-sale. Is your website ready?


    Promising massive offers from major retailers, revamped and improved with new features and ready to wow Australian shoppers.Click Frenzy is ready to go again after a few hitches last year with websites crashing from customer overload.

  • Minecraft server hosting australia
    Minecraft Server Hosting Australia

    DataGraft provides Minecraft server hosting to Australian schools and families, offering Australia's cheapest Minecraft server hosting from secure Australian data centers. Your Minecraft server is deployed instantly when you order online. Datagraft makes it easy to host your own Minecraft server with simple management tools to configure your Minecraft world.

  • cloud hosting careers
    How Cloud Computing has changed your skill set

    Cloud computing has transformed the way enterprise IT departments operate. The old skills that have been essential to keeping business systems running smoothly are becoming less relevant.

    Traditionally, the corporate IT department was fully responsible for hardware and sortware maintenance. The use of cloud computing has shifted the load away from the IT department, and onto a specialised managed services provider, freeing up the internal IT team to focus on customers.