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Dark Internet

In the Press - The Dark Side of the Internet

ATech's director recently commented on the state of the Dark Web and the use of the Onion Router for the Courier Mail:

Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann, the director of IT business A Technology, said TOR was not a stand-alone protection of anonymity if data sent was not encrypted and if technology such as javascript was used.

"Any sort of software that you were installing such as The Onion Router or data-scrubbing software you are exposing yourself to further risks if you don't understand who is providing the technology."

While having its critics TOR, created and used by the US Navy and still funded by the US Government, has been touted as a vehicle of free speech. "Like most tools, they can be used for good or evil - it's just a question of how the individual puts it to use," Ms Peterschlingmann said.

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