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ATech Brisbane Cloud Hosting Data Centre

ATech expands data centre capacity tenfold

ATech has just expanded its server capacity tenfold at iseek Communications' state-of-the-art data centre located at Export Park, Brisbane.

ATech has also upgraded the port speed to 100mbps and now offers VFlash to accelerate virtual machine performance.

Increased server capacity

“ATech has greatly increased its number of virtual private servers (VPS) in response to growing customer demand for cloud hosting that is local and secure,” said Ms Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann, Director, ATechnology. “With ten times the VPS capacity, our customers now have the option to choose dedicated servers if they require complete control over them.

Upgraded port speed

In addition, ATech has upgraded the port speed to 100mbps each for both data centres – at Brisbane Airport and Woolloongabba.

“Increasing the port speed means greater bandwidth for our customers, so they can ensure availability of their websites during high traffic periods and their end users can download large files or stream videos much faster,” said Ms Peterschlingmann.

“For example, we have one customer that receives more than three million visitors to its website over a thirty minute period and another whose bandwidth usage goes through the roof each time they release a podcast. By upgrading the port speed, ATech is keeping ahead of future capacity requirements so we can continue to ensure a fast and reliable cloud hosting service.”

VFlash now available

ATech now offers VMWare’s VFlash to accelerate virtual machine performance. Local solid-state drives (SSD) serve flash memory cache to chosen virtual machines running on the ESXi host.

“Our own application stack performance testing with VFlash demonstrates a 30 percent improvement in performance,” said Ms Peterschlingmann. “Benefits include a better experience for our ecommerce client’s customers due to a decrease in transaction time for the end user. Another benefit is decreased costs. For example, due to improved performance, an organisation may require only a two gigabyte RAM VPS running VFlash instead of four gigabytes without it.”

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