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How Cloud Computing has changed your skill set

Cloud computing has transformed the way enterprise IT departments operate. The old skills that have been essential to keeping business systems running smoothly are becoming less relevant.

Traditionally, the corporate IT department was fully responsible for hardware and sortware maintenance. The use of cloud computing has shifted the load away from the IT department, and onto a specialised managed services provider, freeing up the internal IT team to focus on customers.

Richard Watson of Sheffield Haworth believes that the easy of cloud services means that the IT department is taking on a role of matching up business needs and external (cloud) vendors instead of spending time provisioning and administering servers on site.

"Traditional sysadmin skills will inevitably be in less demand in future, certainly in the SME space. Managing the relationship between the business and its suppliers will become ever more critical," he says.

Steve Ranger from ZDNet interviews CIO's for the full story...

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