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Website performance

Slow websites cost sales

Australian ecommerce businesses could be losing revenue due to slow website performance according to international research.

"We know unequivocally that all the data shows speed and conversions (sales) are intimately connected. A slow site means slow sales." says Paul Greenberg, chief executive of the National Online Retailers Association.

According to Greenberg, Australian online retailers need to focus on faster websites to increase sales.

It was found that most ecommerce businesses had significant over confidence in their website's performance. On average, websites were expected to handle 3.4 times greater load than they actually could. Additionally it was found that businesses in the Asia Pacific region invest less than their international counterparts in load testing. According to Forrester Consulting the average online shopper expects a page to load in two seconds. These findings indicate that Australian online retailers should be taking a closer look at their website performance.

Three essential steps to ensure your website performance is not costing you sales:

1. Ensure your hosting is fast, reliable and secure. Choosing a high quality hosting provider will ensure your website runs on enterprise class equipment and facilities with suitably qualified engineers monitoring the hosting system 24/7. This will ensure your website is faster and will minimise any downtime.

2. Take a slim approach to website content. For example, reducing the number of images on a page as well as image sizes could dramatically improve your site loading time and increase overall website performance during peak traffic periods. Have an expert web design and development team assess your website to find potential areas for improvement.

3. Perform regular load testing to better understand the actual limitations of your current website. It's always best practice to notify your hosting provider before performing load testing as high end hosting providers constantly monitor for unusual activity.

Poor website performance is avoidable

If your website performance is not up to scratch, there are always ways to improve. This is true for even very large ecommerce websites. If you are concerned about the performance of your website, speak with one of our consultants today. We can show you how to improve your website performance and increase your revenue.

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